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Abintio Biosciences is a young Contract Research Organization began operations in 2017, with a clear vision. We wanted to be a partner in growth to national and multinational organizations as a source of quality bulk and fine chemicals and Custom Synthesis of molecules in all structural classes, design, synthesis of Reference standards and specific Impurities, Scaffolds, Nucleosides & Nucleotides, Libraries of molecules as well as production and commercialization of novel building blocks for use in drug discovery.

With advanced know-how in drug design and proprietary process chemistry technologies, Abintio Biosciences is the ideal collaboration partner for large, medium and small pharmaceutical, agrochemical and life science companies across the globes well as production and commercialization of novel building blocks for use in drug discovery. We are now a rapidly growing chemical research company widely networked in India committed to provide unique chemistry solutions to human and environmental health with high quality and reliability.

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Our Services

Process Development

The bulk manufacturing is undergoing rapid expansions due to unmet needs in access to API and API intermediates…

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Contract Research and Manufacturing

Abintio team has been working on CR & CM tailored services for the synthesis of compound libraries, design…

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Medicinal Chemistry

Abintio Biosciences provides high-quality medicinal chemistry services that efficiently progress drug discovery…

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Today companies choose us for our integrity, transparency, our observance for high standards and our commitment to customer value.

In service to the industry since last Four decades, Abintio Biosciences is proud to be a trusted business partner of customers and principals, offers services in synthetic organic chemistry for simple to complex problems that include route scouting, route and process optimization for key starting materials, pharmaceutical intermediates along with contract research and contract manufacturing from multi-gram to multi-ton scale. Abintio Biosciences has mastered the ways and means of doing business better with a farsighted combination of vision, creative thinking, technology & services..

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