Process Development

The testing utilize the latest technologies to provide the most accurate results.

The bulk manufacturing is undergoing rapid expansions due to unmet needs in access to API and API intermediates. Also, raising concerns about bulk manufacturing due to the lack of innovations for minimizing effluent. We are committed to developing robust, cost-effective, scalable and non-hazardous green processes for the manufacturing of APIs, API intermediates including starting materials, Agri products, and specialty chemicals to bring value to our customers with minimal environmental effect. We have profound expertise in the process development and offering service through a full-time employee (FTE) sponsored


Rigorous literature survey and patent evaluation

 High priority for the utilization of green synthetic protocols

Scientific team discussion to finalize the synthetic plan

 Cost effective & environment-friendly process/ROS

 Complete lab development; development strategy, feasibility, optimization, and tech transfer

 Patent filings for non-infringing routes to protect the inventions

Impurity identification, synthesis, and characterization of potential impurities and purging studies

 Study the critical parameters and mitigation plan in case of process deviations

 Recovery of solvents/reagents/catalysts

 Process validations at the lab level

 Access to exclusive market opportunities

 Preparation of working standards & impurities

 Generation of technical documents


Abintio team has been working on CR & CM tailored services for the synthesis of compound libraries, design of scaffolds, large-scale NCE synthesis of chiral and other complex molecules by utilizing established synthetic routes, modifying client synthetic route, identifying novel routes. Our R&D team has domain expertise in custom synthesis and contract research and eagerly looking forward to establish a track record to make ourselves as your perfect partner for custom manufacturing and research projects.
At our laboratory, your project will benefit from comprehensive end-to-end management. Our experienced R&D team will work with you from raw material process development all the way to commercial scale production.

A dedicated Project Manager will coordinate all of these activities to guarantee:

  • On-time project completion
  • Professional project coordination
  • Availability to quickly answer any question and meet any challenge
  • Analytical and regulatory support
  • Attention to your project’s specific requirements

Analytical Services

Our analytical team provides high quality analysis and separation services to both internal and external clients. Our experts in this field have built a solid reputation as demonstrated by a high rate of repeat business.

Medicinal Chemistry

Abintio Biosciences provides high-quality medicinal chemistry services that efficiently progress drug discovery projects from hit identification through lead generation and optimization. Our medicinal chemists have extensive experience against a broad range of target types. We consider all the relevant properties such as biological activity, selectivity, pharmacokinetics (ADMET), and as well as patentability, in the design of lead candidates. After the designing of library compounds, we execute the synthesis using parallel synthesis tool to generate analogs in a quick mode. We work closely with our partners to design and synthesize compounds for their targets and assays, leading ultimately to the identification of developed candidates.

Abintio Biosciences Medicinal chemistry focus

  • Innovation and Quality
  • Sensitivity to timelines
  • Adaptable to accommodate changing properties
  • Commitment to achieving to customers goal
  • Timely, clear and detailed communication